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Good Oral Hygiene & Pregnancy


We have many young families in the practice that are celebrating a new addition. Without going overboard, I thought this might help convey some information about the importance of good oral hygiene during the pregnancy.

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A toothbrush is your greatest accessory.

Here are tips to keep you smiling for nine months. Congratulations on this exciting and busy time of your life! You have so much to think about during pregnancy but don’t forget about your teeth and gums. It may be easy to overlook your mouth, but all the changing hormone levels that occur with pregnancy can actually make some dental problems worse.

Brushing and flossing contributes to your overall health, too, and if your mouth is healthy, it’s more likely that your baby’s mouth will be healthy. See your dentist It’s important to continue to see your dentist during pregnancy for oral examinations and professional teeth cleanings.

Make sure to tell your dentist that you are pregnant and about any changes you have noticed in your oral health. Good daily care is vital. That means always brushing your teeth twice a day with fluoride toothpaste, cleaning between your teeth once a day, eating a balanced diet and limiting between-meal snacks. To learn more, visit other Pregnancy pages on