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Dental Mouth & Sports Guards

We provide dentistry for dental mouth & sports guards and related dental health services.

Limited Adult Orthodontics

Orthodontics is the specialty in dentistry that deals with the correction of malocclusion (improper bites) and establishing proper jaw relationships. Proper occlusion can help your teeth function, protect your bite, prevent temporomandibular disorders and provide aesthetically pleasing results to complement your smile. Dr. Hansen & Dr. Warga provide orthodontics care with their team of specialists.

These include services such as fabrication of tooth positioners, retainer appliances and limited fixed bracket therapy (braces).

Night Guards

Night guards are dental appliances worn to help treat a common dental condition known as bruxism or teeth grinding, which commonly occurs at night. During clinical examination and careful assessment at our office, we visually inspect the mouth for physical indications of bruxism that appear on the teeth. Some of the signs include abnormal wear patterns on the teeth, fractured teeth, broken or worn dental restorations, tooth sensitivity, and worn tooth enamel that can expose the inner structures of the teeth and soft-tissue trauma (cheek bites, sores, areas of chronic irritation).
At times, patients may experience headaches, earaches and chronic facial pain. Once the severity of bruxism is determined, Dr. Hansen will make appropriate treatment recommendations. Often this will include custom impressions and fabrication of night guards worn by the patient to minimize the damage to the oral cavity caused by bruxing.

Sports Guards

Accidents or injuries to the mouth or teeth can happen during any type of physical activity. Sports guards are mouth protectors worn by athletes that participate in contact sports (football, ice hockey, basketball), non-contact sports (gymnastics) or any type of recreational activities (skateboarding, biking) that carry the risk of injury. Sports guards can help cushion a facial injury and prevent damage to the teeth and injury to the mouth.

What you should know?

Our approach to dental treatments and recommendations are practical in nature. Our objective gives you the information to help you understand your choices and make your decisions based on your unique situation.

Sports drinks are good for energy but can be damaging to teeth. Be sure to watch the sugar levels!

Dr. James B Hansen, II
If you have suffered a mouth or tooth trauma due to sports injury please visit a dentist immediately. If you wait too long it could cause additional complications such as infection, inflation or improper healing.
If you are considering sports activities for young children such as soccer or youth football consider a mouth guard for your children. It is every bit as important as a shin guard or shoulder pads!