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Dentistry for Oral Cancer Treatment

We provide dentistry for oral cancer treatment and related dental health services.


Risk factors are traits, lifestyle habits, behaviors or conditions that are associated with an increased risk of a disease occurring. As part of our preventive care program, both caries risk assessments and periodontal risk assessments are completed on each patient during the dental hygiene appointment.
Upon evaluation of individual risks, the probability and susceptibility of developing dental disease can be recognized. Each patient is placed in a risk category depending upon the individual risk factors they present. Based upon their risk factors, we work together creating a strategy that best meets the needs of the patient to prevent the occurrence of dental disease. Interventions are suggested as a part of the preventive care program to minimize the patient’s risk of disease.

Oral Cancer Screenings

The goal of oral cancer screenings is to detect cancer in the oral cavity and the adjacent oral structures at the earliest possible stage. Both intraoral and extraoral examinations take place by visual inspection and manual palpation. Often early lesions often present without symptom and are unreported by the patient. Recognition of variations from normal during our oral cancer screening is the principal method for early detection and control of oral cancer. If a suspicious lesion is detected, a brush biopsy is performed in our office. If further treatment is deemed necessary, a referral to a specialist will take place.

How can we help?

Early detection increases the probability of a favorable prognosis.

If you smoke or use chewing tobacco please get a regular screening for oral cancer.

Dr. James B Hansen, II

Oral cancer signs range from chronic sores in the mouth that do not heal to difficulty swallowing and many patients do not think they are a big enough deal to seek medical attention. It is very important if you are suffering from any soar conditions in your mouth that you seek an examination immediately. Early stages of detection are very important in the successful treatment of cancer.